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A stressful life, at a very hectic pace and a little time for ourselves – this is the major problem that each one of us has to face everyday. Add to this the fear of occurrence of diseases related to the digestive system, stomach, intestine and colon that are becoming more and more frequent, so as to induce people to take preventive or curative supplements.

Diarrhoea attacks have been always treated with diarrhoea sachets containing the electrolytes sodium, potassium and magnesium. These diarrhoea sachets have been taken generation after generation with the purpose of replacing the electrolytes that have been lost. Studies t ...

Altaflora is a range of supplements made in France for the well being of the gastro intestinal system. Alta Care Laboratoires was one of the first companies to produce probiotic sachets in combination with electrolytes. Altaflora electrolytes are presented in both sachets and capsule form. Altaflora Gastrogel is another product that forms part of the Altaflora range and it mainly acts on the gastric ...




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